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Kyrakares core mission is to support children and adults living a challenge in their lives (stuttering, language delay or disorder, developmental delay/disorder, behavioral concerns…) through direct and indirect intervention. 
Direct intervention refers to the delivery of individual therapy sessions that are conducted with the clients themselves to assist them through their challenges/difficulties. 
Indirect Intervention refers to the training/coaching of clients (parents/caregivers) to empower them through knowledge, tools and techniques that will lead to achievement of goals for a better quality of life.

WHO is Kyra

Kyra Zeidan has a passion to work with parents of children living a challenge in their lives (language delay, developmental delay/disorder, stuttering…). Those parents may find it hard to interfere with their children on a daily basis to prevent these challenges from getting worse and to support them in everyday situations. She also works directly with children to help them communicate more effectively.
Kyra Zeidan has a Master’s degree in Speech & Language Therapy (Cognitive Neurosciences) from the Lebanese University-Faculty of Public Health. During her work experience, she studied psychology as she believes that understanding the behaviors and the psychology of the child and his parents is crucial to building the rapport that will lead to positive outcomes.
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Kyra worked from 2003 to 2015 in Kuwait as a speech & language therapist, the head of the therapy department and the principal of a school for students with special needs. She moved to Dubai in 2016 and worked as the clinic & clinical manager and speech therapist in a clinic in Dubai Healthcare City.
She has an extensive knowledge in early childhood, early intervention, stuttering and in different professional areas. She has many certifications, to name a few; Tutor level in Makaton, Basic and advanced level in the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), PROMPT, Hanen (It Takes Two to Talk), Lidcombe program… During her clinical experience, she has worked with children who present speech and language disorders/delays, stuttering, learning difficulties, mental disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders.


Throughout her personal and professional life, Kyra has always emphasized the importance of empowering parents to effectively communicate with their children during the early years, specifically in social-emotional and language areas. Her work and the support she has received especially from her husband, made her realize that she needs to share her knowledge on a world-wide scale, rather than just herself and a small community. She is called to empower parents and leave an imprint in their lives. 

Starting her own business was not the primary focus when the family first moved to Dubai in 2016; they were facing many changes in their lives, such as the adaptation to a new country and the decision of having their third baby. Simultaneously, she was also volunteering in the community and spending long hours on the phone or in person with other parents advising them on how to overcome difficulties in their parenthood journey. This was particularly noticed by her husband, who found it an incredible opportunity to convert these long hours into “starting her own business”. This journey began after the birth of Kayla (their third baby). It was not written down on paper, but the idea was forming clearer by the day.  

The first post on social media was in November 2019, on Instagram and Facebook. The business gradually expanded by crafting her ideas and delivering credible information to empower parents throughout their journeys.

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