What is different about Kyra?
Having a holistic approach being a Speech and Language Therapist with a psychology degree in addition to being a mom with many years of experience working closely with children and their families as well as with a team of professionals in childhood, typical development and special needs. Kyra also speaks 3 languages fluently (Arabic, French & English) which makes the communication with her clients easier.
How are the services that Kyra provides applied? 
The services are applied directly with children through specific therapy intervention techniques. Parents also learn new tools and techniques to implement in their daily life; either to help their child in his communication & language difficulties or to support him and themselves in the challenging behavior throughout his childhood. Services are provided through online consultations, coaching and training programs. Click here to book your consultation.
Who is this service for?
Kyrakares services are for parents of children living a challenge in their lives (language delay, developmental delay/disorder, fluency disorder/stuttering…) and lacking the knowledge to interfere on a daily basis to stimulate their child’s language development in every day situation. 
This service is also for first time parents or parents of young children wanting to learn new skills and gain knowledge in early childhood to support their children in their development.
At what age should I get worried about my child's language skills?
If I were to give you one advice when you are worried about your child's language development, it would be "Follow your gut". If you feel that there is something wrong about your child's speech and language abilities, don't hesitate to consult with a speech and language therapist who will assess your child and ask you questions concerning his developmental history. The therapist will then give you professional recommendations specifically tailored to your child's abilities. Usually children must have at least 10 to 20 words around the age of 18 mos and start combining words by the age of 2 years old. However, don't view your child's abilities in terms of number of words. Seek advice from professionals. The sooner is absolutely the better .
How can I tell that the therapist working with my child is the right professional?
There are many things you can do as a parent to make sure you have chosen the right specialist for your child's challenge. First of all, you must make sure he/she graduated from an approved institution. You shoudl also ask about his/her experience in the field especially in the challenges you are facing and consulting for. You can also ask his/her clients about the approach and competency. Most importantly, follow your instinct especially after you have conducted your first consultation; even with the most experienced professionals, you feel sometimes that this is not the right person for you despite his/her credibility and expertise.