Online Consultations

Wherever you live on this planet or even if you live close to Kyra but prefer virtual communications, you can directly book your online consultation here and ensure you are getting the highest degrees of support and trust. Kyra will guide you to get the best out of the consultation and will provide you with the recommendations specifically tailored for your needs and concerns.

Speech & Language therapy sessions

Kyra works directly with you (if you're or an adult patient) or with your child (if you're a parent seeking support for your child) to directly tackle the difficulties and concerns. The frequency and length of the therapy sessions are decided according to the challenges and difficulties you are consulting for. 

Parent Coaching sessions

Kyra provides you with 2 types of professional coaching sessions specifically tailored for your child's needs. The lenghth of each coaching program is set according to your goals and needs

Coaching program 1: Crafting your child’s language; from interaction to language production where you will understand what are the key components for language development and what are the strategies that you can start putting in place as a parent to improve your child's language skills. Remember that you are the only person interacting with your child on a daily basis, so changing the way YOU communicate with your child will positively impact HIS language and communication abilities. After all, communication is a two-way process.

Coaching program 2: Yes I CAN; BE the BEST parent for my child where you will learn what parenting style best describes your approach in raising your kids and what you can do if this parenting style doesn't match your aspiration anymore. You will also learn what are the techniques and tools that you can put in place to modify your child's behavior and achieve your goals for a home full of "peace" and filled with "love". A decision to do a CHANGE may turn your parenting life upside-down and your loved ones lives too. So what are you waiting for? Kyra Zeidan

Why to consult?

Speech and language delay
Your child is delayed in his language development or you have any concern with your child’s speech and language that you would like to clarify with Kyra, you can then book your consultation here to discuss all your child’s developmental aspects. Kyra will walk you through this consultation and discuss with you the best intervention recommendations specifically designed for your child. This may be recommendations for direct therapy with your child or parental coaching session with you.
Do you stutter and needs support understanding your stuttering and being able to stutter less and communicate your thoughts without the fear of being blocked on words? Your child has started to stutter and you are concerned with his fluency of speech? Your child have been stuttering for a while and you are searching for a specialized speech and language therapist? So, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with Kyra who has extensive knowledge in this area. She will guide you through her approach and help you manage your or your child's stuttering/fluency disorder.
Parenting Support
You are a new parent and seeking advice about any aspect related to your child's development? OR you are a parent challenged by your child’s specific misbehaviors and have tried ‘everything’ but ‘nothing’ seems to work out well? OR you want to know, as a parent, if what you are doing is the ‘right’ way to "do it"? Then, you have reached the right professional. Book your online consultation with Kyra and start your first step in the change process. Kyra Zeidan

The method

The method of intervention is based on a genuine approach that Kyra has implemented, experienced and refined over her years of experience. She believes that every interaction with a client can't be efficient if it doesn't follow her method of success. So, in order to set up yourself or your loved one for success, you are requested to follow these steps all the way from the first to the last consultation with Kyra. Kyra Zeidan